For the love of board games - Games Cafe Club
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For the love of board games

With only having completed our second games night, the relaxed and fun atmosphere, made it feel like we have been running these events for ages.

It is always encouraging when you start a new venture, to see it grow, although often we focus on the size of events and not necessarily the quality. Games Cafe Club is all about making new friends and getting to know others better through a shared love of playing board games. In a world where we are plugged in almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is great to play games that don’t even require electricity, well other than a warm well lit room.

We started having no idea who would come and where we would fit into the gaming community. So far it seems that there is an appetite for lighter-hearted gaming, don’t get me wrong we play to win. However, the preference is for games that we can play in 10-60mins, easy to grasp and play, as well as to be fun. You may be surprised at the amount of enjoyable and intriguing games out there once you look beyond the high street stores.

Over just two events I have played 7 new games, all of them everyone thoroughly enjoyed, even more importantly, met some great people so far and the start of what I hope is new friendships.

Keep an eye out for future Games Cafe Club events, and hopefully, we will get to play some games together.

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